Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bugger the temples, I came for the view

I arrived in the rain to a complete whiteout. Reminded me of a certain mountain summit in Vietnam: wet, cold and no view. But this time I arrived in a car and I didn't have a river flowing through my boots! And there was a hotel to stay in - no rice wine though....Gedung Songo means "nine buildings" in Javanese, although there are only five temples still standing, remnants of a vast Hindu empire which used to rule Java some thousand or more years ago. But as the title says, you don't really come here for the temples, it's the views across to all the mountains that makes this place special, plus the fact that it's not stinking hot up here in the hills. And the next morning, the weather is clear and it delivers..Here's the rest of the pics.

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