Saturday, August 16, 2008

Caves in the ricefields

The Minangkabau region, in which I've been travelling for the last week or so is spectacular. In particular the road between Bukittingi and Payakumbuh which is lined with verdant rice fields and a backdrop of karst formations. There's caves in them there hills!!

A place where the caves can be visited involves a 40min bus trip to the outskirts of Payakumbuh, then a short walk uphill to the caves. There was no-one else there while I spent my time taking photos and getting lost trying to find my way along the paths.

Check this photo, I reckon it looks like the jaw of a giant meat eating dinosaur! The trip back was a laugh, in an old rattler of a bus, chugging up the hills like it was on its last legs after a lifetime of too many fags. Packed to the eyeballs of course.more photos

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