Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In transit

Red eye from Perth, after numerous cups of farewell coffee with friends, has found me sleep deprived in Singapore at 3 am. Clearing customs was a breeze, then a wait for the MRT to start up at 5.30am for the ride into the city in the dark.
Early morning Singapore is full of joggers, mostly Caucasian, and cleaners, mostly migrant workers sweeping paths and scraping up chewing gum from the pavements. And people sleeping on pieces of cardboard on benches and pedestrian underpasses. Come 7.30 and the place is alive with well dressed office workers on their way to a 12 hour day.
The cloak of tropical heat hits as you venture out from the air con comfort, but Singapore's clean, organised, sterile. I don't feel I'm in Asia yet.

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