Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bungus for a day

Back on the coast with a couple of days to spare I couldn't be bothered with lugging the gear around further so checked in to a cheapish hotel (for Padang) and decided to head to the beach for the day. I'd heard good reports about Bungus Bay, about 20km south of Padang, so it was merely a matter of hopping onto an opelet and taking the 40min ride down the coast.
There's the main harbour of Padang to pass by, but otherwise it's just jungle meets the ocean, very scenic indeed. Bungus is a pleasant bay with sandy beaches, rocky headlands and mangrove swamps. Kind of reminded me of the top end NT without the fear of meeting any snapping handbags!!! I wandered as far as I could before the rocks and mangroves forced me around.

Not really much to the place unless you plan to go snorkelling around the nearby islands or sit around writing a novel, or perhaps reading one. My opelet back to town now has the record for greatest number of people in one vehicle - 27 including driver and the money boy!!

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