Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow Harau

This place is truly awesome. The valley narrows to 200 foot sheer granite walls on each side, green green jungle and picturesque waterfalls. Not to mention the friendliest most genuine people I've met so far. Everyone smiles and says hello. No they don't want anything from you, and no they don't speak english either. So my Bahasa Indonesian continues to improve. Five days in this paradise, where the frogs serenade you to sleep and you wake to the sound of the black monkeys calling out, can be ruined quickly by a bunch of local tourists who like nothing better than blasting the silence with the sounds of techno music at the highest decibel possible. Luckily, I spent every day on huge walks through the hills or jungle trekking so not much kept me from sleeping like a baby.More Independence Day celebrations were occurring in the nearby village so a few of us headed down to join in the festivities. Mostly games for the kids, like eating dry crackers dangling from a string (no hands) and trying to remove coins with their teeth from a melon which had been blackened with a torch so you can imagine the mess! They also climb a greased pole for bags of sweets, and do a marble and spoon race, much harder than an egg to balance. The people invited us to join in and are overwhelming in their hospitality. Truly a magnificent area.

I could have stayed longer, but new adventures beckon.

for more Photos of this stunning area

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