Sunday, February 8, 2009

The feasting is over

After a day off and a haircut, it was back to the dreary task of visiting more temples! No it wasn't too bad, as this time I jumped on the back of a motorbike and headed out to some of the further off places, including a river which has carved lingas along the rocky riverbed. Linga worship was big in Angkor times - a linga being a phallic symbol and signifier of virility and fertility. Apparently the water from this river was imbued with high fertility by flowing across all those lingas!There were also temples with intricate carvings and numerous encounters with the huge Chinese tour groups who drape themselves on anything for the purpose of a picture. Very funny! With a bit of patience they soon move on and the place is peaceful again.Photos of Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean and Banteay Samre

My final day in Siem Reap I visited the Bakhong in the Roluos group, 13km east of town. This was where the first city was built before being relocated to Angkor Wat, and it was a fitting place to enjoy a sunrise without any crowds. In fact there was only me and two others. I'm sure Angkor Wat makes a good sunrise shot too, but it's nice to try somewhere different.Photos of Roluos group

The rest of my day in Siem Reap was spent shopping and getting myself a massage. My back has been a bit sore lately so I went for a two hour torture session. Yes it feels a bit looser, but I swear I've got bruises! Can't wait to get back to Geraldton and get Brad back on the job again.

Today I took an eight and a half hour boat ride along the Sangker River to Battambang. Here I'll rent a bike for a day and see some sights and then it's back to Bangkok and onward south down to Singapore. Two weeks ago I wasn't ready to come home, but now I've completed everything on the wish list (Angkor being the last one) I can't wait. I've even started checking out the seabreeze website to keep an eye on the wind and waves! If there's wind on the 22nd, expect to see me at Coros!!


  1. Naomi,
    I have enjoyed your adventures immensely and I'm going to miss traveling vicariously with you through your blog. Thank so much for sharing your experiences!

  2. Hey thanks Martha, no reason you and Dan can't take the rugrats with you and do a bit yourselves!

    anyway, I don't intend to stop blogging, it'll just be different subject matter.