Friday, February 20, 2009

Singapore fling

This time I've actually stayed long enough to have a little look around. There's a lot to do, some great museums and galleries, lots of modern buildings interspersed with old ones that reflect the past, and an interesting ethnic mix of people. I've been sampling the food again, in particular Singapore chilli crab at one of the Hawker Centres. It's a very big meal for just one person, with a big price tag to match. I'll reserve my judgement and go to a better restaurant next time and try it again.I spent a few hours at the Peranakan Museum, which talks about the culture of the mixed race people of Singapore. Most importantly, the gift shop had some Nonya food recipe books, Yummmmm......

I also went to a tailor, or rather one took advantage of me and convinced me to buy some new clothes. The idea of having properly tailored trousers that fit my butt and big thighs appeals greatly. My final fitting is 3 hours before I fly out!!Singapore's a strange place, it's modern yet is quintessentially Asian, despite the ordered sterility on display. Yes, Singaporeans do jaywalk and take shortcuts across grass!!
There are more photos of Singapore here.
Now it's time to jump on a plane and go home. Three weeks ago I wasn't ready, I still wanted to travel more, but now I'm so keen to get home that the last few days have been almost torture. I'm looking forward to seeing friends again, chatting to mum on the phone, and giving my girl a big hug - if she's not sulking that is!!

And load the car up with the windsurfing gear and get out on those waves!!!!!

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