Saturday, February 7, 2009

Haircut day

My hair is thick and coarse, so it needs a regular cut in order for me to avoid looking like a toilet brush. After a while no amount of hair product can stop it defying gravity. I mean a girl has to keep some semblance of respectability whilst on the road!

As my dear friend Odette advised me before I left, most SE Asians also have thick coarse hair, so the average hairdresser is an expert at razor cutting. This is a scissor free technique, only just coming back into fashion again in the west, where a razor is used to thin and texturise.

My first go at getting a haircut was in Bangkok, where I asked Warren to ask one of his western girlfriends where to get a decent cut and colour. This was a bad move, as either his friend had never been there or was approaching her mid 60s. It was a salon full of aging matrons getting bouffant type hairstyles and it was expensive. They did know how to do foils but unfortunately we had a language barrier and it had to be redone in the correct colours. The cut was adequate, and I escaped with a price tag not dissimilar to what I'd pay back home. Next time I'll take Odette's advice.

My second go was in Hanoi. This time I wandered around town, found a little salon and asked to get my haircut. I was offered the option of scissors or razor - very little English being spoken - and for 10 AUD I got a cut I was very happy with. Thanks for the advice Odette!

Two days ago I had my third haircut. The grey is showing through apallingly, but I've been advised that colouring isn't a forte in this town, so I ended up finding another little hole in the wall salon and ordering up another razor cut. This time I asked for a hairwash as well. First they cut my hair - I wouldn't say it's a good cut but it's thinned out and manageable again with a bit of hair product - and then they washed it. Now that was the highlight! Not only do you get nice clean hair, there's a head and shoulder massage thrown in as well. Total price: 3 USD!!

It's only 2 weeks till I get home so first thing I'll be doing on my return is booking in for a colour treatment. I'm too young to look old yet!!


  1. We can not wait to see the Grey Nomad.......

  2. hey I looked up seabreeze yesterday, looks like you got a fantastic day, can't wait to get back on the water aagain!!